Antar Glow currently offers group sessions for 6 or more individuals.

Your Sound Meditative Flow session will consist of the following:

During the session you can choose to sit in a comfortable position or lay down. While I try to make you as comfortable as possible, if you have specific needs, please bring your own pillow or blanket, etc. I use essential oils, incense and scented candles during the sessions. Please let me know if you are sensitive to oils/scents as I make every effort to assure that my clients feel safe and comfortable. Please bring a water bottle and a yoga mat or a comfortable rug to lay on during the session. You can also bring bolster pillows and blankets as that will allow you to relax and enter a state of deep meditation.

Group Sessions

6 or more individuals

60 mins $25 per person

90 mins $40 per person

Monthly Group Flow Session Package

6 sessions $135 per person

Minimum group of 6 individuals

Private 1:1 sessions and monthly private sessions: Contact for pricing.

Special deals for corporate events, festivals, farmers markets: Contact for pricing.

Special Offerings

Girls Night In

Let loose and relax with your girlfriends for a  meditative retreat in the comfort of your space 

60 mins $25 per person

90 mins $40 per person

Minimum group of 8 individuals

Birthday / Bachelorette Sound Bath

Celebrate your special day with your friends and family by immersing in the vibration of sound

60 mins $25 per person

Minimum group of 6 individuals

No cost for the birthday gal/guy

Corporate Team Building

45-60 minute sound bath incorporating guided meditation, breathwork, using various sounds and vibrations, such as singing bowls, gongs, and soothing music, to guide participants into a state of deep relaxation, and inner calm. May include team-building exercises. Will bring the setup to your corporate wellness retreat or location. Contact for pricing.

Want to know more about how to prepare for a sound meditative flow session? Find your answers in our FAQs.


"Anita is very professional, knowledgeable and passionate about sound healing. She personalized the session for our group, and made it fun as well as informative. Most important, we all found the experience incredibly relaxing and peaceful. In fact, I almost fell asleep! As someone who struggles to let go of stress and clear my mind of 24/7 "noise," I highly recommend Antar Glow."

"Anita is an authentic healer and has such a calm and welcoming energy that makes you feel at ease from the second you come into her presence. This experience was transformative, and for the first time ever, I actually felt like I was able to let go of outside influences and noises of the world and truly go inward!"

"Antar Glow is a wonderfully unique experience. Anita is insightful, and her guidance made the mediation experience relaxing and transcend."

"The entire experience was wonderful. “Calming” is one word that comes to mind, but the feeling of relaxation at the end of the session was unbelievable. Anita’s skill with the sound and her steady and soothing voice made the session perfect."

 "Anita with Antar Glow is amazing!  She will give you a mindfulness experience as she works magic in creating frequencies that align with different chakras using her poetic crystal singing bowls."