About Antar Glow

'Antar' means interior or within in Sanskrit. And 'Glow' is synonymous with light, brightness and illumination.

Antar Glow literally means Inner Glow or Light.

Experience a sound and vibrational meditative flow to connect to your inner wisdom and release the external chaos of the world. Discover a journey to relax and unwind to help balance your mind, body and spirit. Antar Glow is committed to sharing the profound healing potential of sound vibrations with individuals and communities. Through the therapeutic power of crystal singing bowls and a diverse range of harmonious instruments, we provide opportunities for individuals and groups to explore the depths of their inner world, tap into their innate resilience, and discover the lasting benefits of sound-induced healing and meditation, ultimately leading to enhanced well-being and inner peace.

At Antar Glow, I offer individual and group sound healing and meditative flows. The meditative flow includes low-impact Qi Gong exercises, breathwork (pranayama) and a guided restorative meditation to the sounds and vibrations of healing singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, and other instruments. I also use essential oils, sage smudging and incense to create an environment that welcomes relaxation, healing and release.

About Me ~ Anita Vyas

Thank you for finding Antar Glow! I am your humble meditative sound flow practitioner.

In my life till now I've wanted to be many things such as painter, fashion designer, actor, dancer, graphic designer and so on. I eventually ended up being an instructional designer working with higher education faculty guiding them in best teaching practices, online course design, educational technology tools and student engagement. Besides being a mother to two lovely grown men, I have also been a Bollywood dance and fitness instructor and performer with Naach Houston for over a decade. I learned how to work with people and movement, and did stage production and choreography under the guidance of the artistic director.

Yet, I was still seeking answers to who I am and where I want to be.

A major injury in 2017 came as a blessing in my life, putting all things in perspective and allowing me to recalibrate the chaos in my life. This injury gave me time and stillness to face all my traumas and come in alignment with the light and dark within me. Thus began my self-seeking journey leading me to pursue yoga, sound healing, energy work, qi gong and meditation. A silent retreat in early 2022 helped me remember my 'Antar Brahma' (inner divine), let go of negativity, and flow towards my true calling. So here I am...integrating my multiple fractals of educator, dancer, nurturer, healer into a holistic wellness offering focused on empowering individuals to align with their true inner self and attract vitality and abundance in their lives. The core of my work is connecting with people so that they can experience relaxation through meditative sound flow and channel their energies towards self-love and healing.

I am a Certified Sound Healer from Vickie Gould Life Changing Energy, working towards certifications in qi gong and breathwork. I'm also a certified Reiki First Degree Practitioner in the Usui Reiki System.

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“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance” ~ Oscar Wilde